Sunday, April 6, 2008

New review from Gothtronic... 7.8 w/ some good comparisons.

What is Highgate? Well, in the first place it's the name of a Victorian suburb of London which is mainly known because of Highgate Cemetary, a famous cemetary with solemn tombs and stately mausoleums. Karl Marx as well as Douglas Adams lay buried here, and many other great Brits with them. On the other hand it's also the name of a nihilistic doom ensemble from Kentucky, USA. They manifested themselves for the first time back in 2006 by means of the demo "Black Frost Fallout", now there's the untitled debut album. Also untitled is the only track on this disc, a minimalistic moloch which just keeps going on for the substantial duration of 54 minutes. The band claims to have been inspired by bands such as Burzum and Dark Throne, the influence of Norwegian black metal is chiefly displayed by the slowed down and tormented shrieking vocals. In concreto, this cd sounds like a spontaneous jam session by members of the cult act Winter, Eyehategod, early My Dying Bride and Khanate after realizing that their pensive moods refused to be chased away by the intake of several alcoholic beverages. Not that this disc is the produce of inebriation, mind you; the somewhat barren production suffices to express the choler and despair of the music. The demotivating and disheartening doom with the occasional dark ambient interlude is disturbingly qualified for feeding someone's depression and evolving it into a full-fledged mental collapse. You have been warned. If you have abandoned your belief in progress and a better future quite a while ago, this record should appeal to your gloomy preferences.
Totalrust Music
doom (doom / death / stoner / sludge)
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